1973 - 1975 Buick Century Gran Sport Registry

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The goal for this website and the 1973-1975 Century GS Registry

I would like to thank you for visiting my website that deals with the 1973-1975 Buick Century Gran Sports. Most people regard these years to be only stickered up cars and have no performance or style compared to earlier models. I,myself have a great love for the 73-75 GS cars and own a rare one myself. They are often looked down upon since they were produced when emissions were taking effect and had lower compression motors. My goal is to help other fellow owners learn some new things about these cars,as well as help me learn more about these cars.I started out trying to disprove that the legend they only made 8 GS 1973 Stage 1,4 speed cars was wrong and that there were indeed more. I am a member on www.V8Buick.com and asked the members if they would be interested in a Registry for the 73-75 GS cars. Several members offered me great information about their cars and several sent me paperwork proving their cars authenticity. But, I was stalled having only information on,you guessed it, 8 Stage 1 cars. Then a few months ago, Eric Britton,a fellow 73 owner and a person who I consider a good asset as well as friend,went to the Sloan Museum in Michigan.He spent countless hours digging through the microfische files and determined that of the 365 total 4 speed cars, 92 were Stage 1 cars. This ended the legend. But,I have decided to try to continue to add more information on here to help other Century GS owners. I have the Sloan documentation that outlines all the options that were available and I can tell how many cars came with each option,but it wont let me break it down to certain cars. It will tell me for instance,that there were 365 4 speed cars in 73 of the 6637 GS cars.It will not however,tell me how many blue cars and 4 speeds were produced. I have done several searches and very little is out there discussing these cars,so I think it is imperative to continue and put as much information out so others can enjoy and learn about these great cars. I hope you enjoy this site and if there is any question about these cars you may have or even information you are willing to share,you'd contact me at pdharmon@tds.net. I will even take copies of any important paperwork which I can post here and share with other owners. If you consider registering your car,I would like to personally assure you that any personal information such as cars VIN number,home adress,phone number,will absolutely not be shared with anyone. I will contact a person to see if they would like to share some information with another person and let them decide if they would be interested. Any paperwork,pictures will be placed in a file in my home and with permission, theymay be posted on here for others to share. Again, Thank You for visiting. I will be making new pages and adding more information in the next few weeks about these cars.

My name is Pat Harmon and I have owned this 1973 Buick GS 350 4 speed since October 1992. It was bought for me as a birthday present and I had used it as a daily driver car for about 2 years,but only drove it in the winter 1 year. I parked this car 10 years ago in my mom's barn and never touched it until about a month ago. I had other projects and cars but I feel ashamed that I let this car go like it is. I have sold most of the other cars and kept this one as it has special meaning to me. I pulled it out of the barn and did a semi-resto on it to be able to drive it and enjoy it. I have put over 100 miles on it the last few days and realized how good it felt to drive and shift gears. It is one of 216 4 speed,350 cars made in 73 and 1 of 65 in the Burnt Coral color. I also have a 1973-1975 GS Registry and can always use any information on these cars as it helps out other fellow GS owners. These years,73-75,are always considered the "UGLY" years,but they are fun to enjoy and drive. My reason for starting the registry was to disprove the so called only 8 GS Stage 1 4 speeds produced. Thanks to Eric Britton, we now know there were 92 produced. Eric spent hours at the Sloan Museum,going through countless VIN numbers and came up with the best piece of information all 73 owners could use. I thank him for his generous help and appreciate everything he has done. I consider him a good person and friend and will share any findings I come across with him as he is as interested in the 73's as the rest of us. I haven't updated this site in awhile,but now I will start to update and make it a better place to learn about these cars. I hope you enjoy the information and will share the information about your cars or cars you know of. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or such.

Fresh from a 10 year barn stay

1973 Gran Sport Production figures

Total GS production for 1973

6637 produced

4930 350 CID

979 455CID

728 455 Stage 1

Here is a shot of my car right after I got it roadworthy. I put 15x10 steel wheels with the Dog Dish option hubcaps on back with 295/50/15 tires. On the front, I have 15x6 wheels and 235/70/15's. The car also received new gas shocks all around,new front sway bar bushings and end links,as well as new rear HD coil springs. It drives like new.